Frequently Asked Questions

What is Planet Connection?

The Planet Connection service is our way of providing a more interactive, streamlined, and intuitive shopping experience. This is where you can track all your orders and wish list while also seeing what your friends and other customers are interested in!

What happened to my old GP Points?

Although no points were transferred automatically--this is a brand new platform, after all--you can contact us with your account information and we'd be happy to transfer any existing GP points to your new account!

Can I use Planet Connection to track my original Gundam Planet Orders?

Since this is a completely new website, orders from GP1 cannot be tracked through this dashboard. However, we still maintain records of all original outstanding orders and would be happy to give you any necessary information.

Until all processing orders on the old site are complete, you can still access your original account dashboard with the following link!

We'd like to fill this page with more questions, but we have to wait and see what you all ask frequently!

For our entire lifespan as a website, we've been using the same system and platform, so this is just as new for us as it is for you; we know some unexpected things will pop up along the way, and we would greatly appreciate it if you took the time to let us know about any strange errors or glitches you may be getting! We'll make sure to regularly update this page with any relevant information we get. Together we can build the best shopping experience possible!

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