MG MSA-0011[Bst] S Gundam Booster Unit Type Plan 303E Deep Striker

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Hey uh fellas, isn't stuff like this what the RE/100 line was created for? This is bonkers! Not in a bad way though! The Deep Striker variant of the S Gundam, one of the most insanely Sentinel things to ever exist, is here as a (we can't believe we're typing this) Master Grade model kit! It features a maddening amount of armor and weapon parts to make up for its complete lack of a lower body! Of course, a dedicated base is included, because if it weren't, what would the point even be?? The kit will be over 21 inches long when completed, and it features newly-molded parts to improve the proportions on the head, chest, and shoulders! Pistons throughout the body have been molded with plated plastic for an impressive mechanical look, and mesh piping is also included for extra realism! This is the ultimate Sentinel display piece, so don't miss out on the chance to bring it home right away at a special preorder price!
Initiate Plan303E! Celebrating both the 30th Anniversary of the photo novel Gundam Sentinel and the release of 200 Master Grade kits, Bandai brings to reality the massive mobile suit weapons platform, code name: Deep Striker. Originally existing as a drawing, the S Gundam’s theoretical upgrade module for assault operations has never been animated or featured in a story, but has gained massive fame for its heavily armed appearance. Over 21' long, this behemoth machine features a massive main gun unit, large radome, I-Field generator and giant boosters and propellant tanks covering its body. New molding is used for the bulk of construction including new pieces for the S Gundam's chest plate, the head, and shoulders that streamline its shoulder to head proportion, and even includes the shoulder sliding gimmick not seen on the original MG S Gundam release. A sense of realism and heft are created through mesh piping, chromed pistons, and intricate part separation in the main gun unit and tail stabilizer sections. A display stand is included to hold the Deep Striker in all its glory. Runner x 39, stickers, marking seals, instruction manual, mesh pipe, screw x 14, wire.


Plastic nipper
Panel liner
Finishing: Top Coat/Super Clear


You don’t need cement.
You don’t need paint.
Recommended for 15 years & up
More Information
Gundam SeriesGundam Sentinel
ConditionThis is a model kit and requires assembly.
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