*~Figurise Review~* Nendoroid Sakura Haruno

*~Figurise Review~* Nendoroid Sakura Haruno

*~Figurise Review~* Nendoroid Sakura Haruno

Nendoroid Sakura Haruno

Today, I'm going to go ahead and start something that I've been meaning to do since we decided to implement a blog on our new site - figure reviews! I've never really done full written reviews of anything before, so bare with me as we take this journey together and hopefully flesh out some sort of actual rubric over time. Until then, I'm going to do my best to talk about every aspect of the figure that I can think of including the packaging, included accessories, and obviously the physical figure itself. Away we go!

Here she is! The fifth release in the Nendoroid Naruto series and the second to utilize Good Smile’s new box format! I really like the use of the soft matte cardboard along with the character specific colors. These boxes are too dissimilar to previous Nendoroid boxes, they’re just less wide and slightly deeper. Overall, the presentation is very nice with most of the focus on the figure itself while still keeping the accessories in view.

When we open the box (which we do from the bottom, because we’re extremely classy), we can see that all the accessories sit nicely within the clamshell with the stand packaged behind everything instead of underneath as they used to be. Behind the inner cardboard insert is where you can find the plastic display card of Sakura’s slug summon, Katsuyu! I love that each of the Naruto Nendoroids comes with one of these little plastic backdrops.

Going a little further, here’s all the accessories out of the box! As pictured here you can see the plastic display card, in its plastic stand, two swappable faces, 3 arm parts, 2 leg parts, the stand and arm, and an extra joint!

This is Sakura as she appears right out of the box! As is to be expected of most Nendoroids, the paint applications are extremely on point here. All the colors and shading look fantastic and she’s as adorable as she ought to be! I always think it says a lot about a figure if it looks good just standing around, straight chillin with its base accessories on.

Moving on, we’re swapping out her left arm to create a post that I like to call “Sakura: Full of Hope!” Look how precious! If she told you that anything was possible, there is no way you’re not gonna believe her - look how confident she is in you! Truly incredible. The way that her skirt is just a little windswept really makes this one.

See now, here’s where I start to get a little disappointed. I’m going to call this one “Sakura: More Vulnerable than necessary because she’s strong as hell and there’s no reason for her to look so damn weak.” Look, I get it - the whole blushing thing is super popular - but also it sucks! Let strong anime ladies be strong, god knows we got enough Hinatas running around out there. Also, note that the windswept skirt really sells this pose too though.

And so I’m in the middle of swapping out the legs when I go to remove the spacers that they put in the joints, only to realize that these are actually ball pegs! Woah! This has got to be one of the first Nendoroids to have this. Usually, you’re stuck fidgeting with the standard joint and it’s limited options, but now we have been set FREE! 360 degrees of beautiful swivel. Praise be! This rules. I really hope this is the continued standard for Nendoroids from now on!

We’re going to go ahead and end on the real reason anyone is buying Nendoroid Sakura. We’re gonna call this pose “Oh, you thought??” This really makes the best use of all the includes parts and looks absolutely fantastic. Good Smile really nailed her manic expression and let’s be honest - the windswept skirt? Wow, absolutely selling this pose like it’s making commission. Anyway, time to leave off with a final score:

Nendoroid Sakura Haruno gets a “Please Let Strong Anime Ladies Be Strong out of 10”

Let me know what you thought and see you next time!


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