Figurise Preorder Update 1/23/2018 (GSC, Koto & More!)

Figurise Preorder Update 1/23/2018 (GSC, Koto & More!)

Figurise Preorder Update 1/23/2018 (GSC, Koto & More!) We've added a bunch of exciting figures to our preorder catalog in the past week!

We've added a bunch of exciting figures to our preorder catalog in the past week! We'll tell you a little bit about each of them below!

Good Smile Company

1/8 Warspite
Good Smile Company's latest addition to the Wonderful Hobby Selection is the English battleship Warspite! Kancolle figures have definitely calmed down recently as far as number of releases goes, but we're sure that there's still plenty of admirals looking to add this unique ship to their fleet!

1/4 Nodoka Haramura: Bunny Ver.
FREEing's 1/4 bunny girl collection does not stop, even when it comes to reissuing past releases. We have to admit that we've never seen Saki Zenkoku-hen, but we were pretty surprised to learn that it's about majong after seeing the "unmatched volume" that this figure brings to the table.

1/7 Jibril: Great War Ver.
Phat! Company seems to be the go-to brand for No Game No Life scale figures and this is their second go around with Jibril This one has parts that can be interchanged with the original Jibril release!

1/7 Ruler/Jeanne d'Arc
At this point it seems like every manufacturer has come out with their own variation of Ruler Jeanne. With Max Factory's on the way we honestly didn't expect to see GSC proper also announce a Jeanne scale - but she sure is big and impressive!

Nendoroid 711 Popuko & Nendoroid 712 Pipimi
When these Nendoroids originally released, we had no idea what Pop Team Epic was. We quickly checked out the 4 Panel comic that the recent anime is based on and, well, if you've also read any of it we're sure you had a similar reaction. Fast forward to now, it's one of the most popular shows this season and makes that that GSC would want to get these Nendoroids back out to market!

Nendoroid 874 Yuri Plisetsky: Casual Ver.
With an anime as popular as Yuri on Ice!!! - one Nendoroid release per character will never be enough! We're still definitely waiting for a Nendoroid JJ, but we can't really say that Yurio doesn't look great in that leopard print jacket!

Nendoroid 876 Kazuma
Feel free to correct us if we're wrong, but we honestly didn't expect GSC to make a Nendoroid of the male character from a show that seems to bel popular because of the female characters? Having the entire cast together would make for a great display, but we're just surprised is all.

figma 381 Lancer/Scáthach
The Fate scale figures don't stop and neither do the Fate figmas! We can't wait to pose Scathach and Chu Chulainn together with their big big sticks!

figma 379 Klaus V Reinherz
This one goes out to all you alliteration fans. We're not going to pretend that we've seen any of Blood Blockade Battlefront, but we're always on board for a tough looking fight man.


1/7 Ani Statue Avenger/Jeanne d'Arc [Alter] Casual Ver.
Kotobukiya isn't missing out on the Fate/Grand Order hype and really who can blame them. We're really feeling Jeanne Alter's confident strutting pose in her clothes. She just looks so dang powerful!

1/8 Ani Statue Uzuki Shimamura Party Time Gold Ver.
Even though she's been around for years it seems like the popularity of Uzuki Shimamura is on the up and up as of late! We're not totally sure what kind of party she's going to with that fox tail on, but we're down.


1/7 Sinon Ordinal Scale Ver.
There's already been quite a figure scale figures of Sinon, but we believe this is the first one to be based on the design from the recent SAO movie, Ordinal Scale. While it is quite pricey, we've never been disappointed in an Alter figure before and we're sure their quality will remain unmatched!


1/7 Ruler: La Pucelle
Out of the many manufacturers on the Fate scale figure grind, Aniplex is by far doing the craziest ones. This figure displays Jeanne right before she sacrifices herself to become more powerful than you could possibly image (sorry.) It's kind of morbid, but she look amazing so we're sure this is going to be popular!

Other Brands

1/6 Tohru School Swimsuit Ver.
This is the first scale figure that we've seen of Tohru's from last year crazy popular Dragon Maid anime - and what better way to kick things off than with a swimsuit figure!

1/8 Levi
Levi! Where did your shoes go, my man? We're pretty sure this one is going out to all those fujo's out there, but honestly we're not even sure. Levi sure is handsome, but his feet have to be freezing!

1/7 Rider/Marie Antoinette
Fate/Grand Order has an absolutely staggering amount of character in its lure - so naturally if a large manufacturer isn't making a figure of one of them, a smaller company is bound to pick up the slack! That's what's happening here with the flirtatious queen, Marie Antoinette - and she looks great!

All these products are available! Be sure to let us know what you're excited about!

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