We started Gundam Planet way back in April of 2010, before the Japanese import hobby and collectible market had quite as solid a footing in the US. As time went on and the industry expanded past what we could have possibly imagined, so too did our website! In 2014 we launched Figurise, a site dedicated completely to the collectible figure market, but we never achieved the level of integration that we hoped for.

Planet Connection is the final step for our website, through which we can finally let customers browse the entire selection of collectible and hobby products from one place while still maintaining two different site identities. If you only want to look at model kits, then Gundam Planet is the place for you! If you're more of a figures and statues collector, then you don't have to leave Figurise! If you'd like to dabble in both, you can track all your wishlisted products and orders from one convenient location. This is the Planet Connection!

We strive to give customers a shopping experience that is intuitive, convenient, and fun, all at the same time. Don't hesitate to share your opinions on products, but please remember that abusive language or tendencies will not be tolerated--we're all here to have fun and enjoy the best hobby on the planet! We look forward to sharing the next step in our journey with all of you!

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