1/12 Little Armory (LD024) Breaching Tools A

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"Breaching" is a military term that refers to the act of destroying doors, windows, walls, etc. to break through a building. This kit models the tools used in speed-focused dynamic entry, stealth entry-focused stealth entry, and double-rush method.
set contents: ・ Sledgehammer ・ Hooligan tool ・ Bolt clipper (2 types of opening and closing) ・ Tomahawk (with / without sheath) ・ Battery gram ・ Engine cutter ・ Hydraulic spreader ・ M84 stun grenade ・ Chemical light ・ Bleaching charge ・ Hughes ・ Ded cord (vinyl cord) ) ・ Duct tape
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SeriesLittle Armory / Realistic Weapon
ConditionThis product needs to be assembled and colored.
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